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Daftar Peneliti Program Pascasarjana

Doktor Ilmu Teknik

Prof. Dr. Ir. Husni Husin, MT

Bidang Ilmu : Nanomaterial for Clean Energy production (Photocatalytic, Solar cell, Biodiesel, Biofuel, Fuel Cell), Heterogeneous Catalyst and Application, Adsorbent and Application

FSD : http://fsd.unsyiah.ac.id/husnihusin/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, IPU

Bidang Ilmu : Fracture mechanics, computational mechanics, and damage mechanism of a composite structure.

FSD : http://www.fsd.usk.ac.id/samsul.rizal/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Syuhada, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : The field of heat transfer science and fluid mechanics

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/ahmad_syuhada/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Medyan Riza, M.Eng

Bidang Ilmu : Chemical Engineering Operation, and Polymer Technology

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/medyan_riza/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Yuwaldi Away, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Computer Science, microprocessor-based systems, simulation, automation, and optimization

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/yuwaldi/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Husaini, M.T

Bidang Ilmu : Strength of Materials, Fracture Mechanics, Computational and Experimental, and Failure Analysis

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/husaini/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Munirwansyah, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : geotechnical disaster prevention, sub-structure earthquake design, shallow and deep foundation design, Landslide, and Story Index

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/munirwansyah/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurdin Ali, Dipl.Ing

Bidang Ilmu : Metallurgy and Engineering Materials

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/n.ali/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Khairil, M.T.

Bidang Ilmu : Thermal energy, especially coal and/or biomass combustion

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/khairil/

Doktor Ilmu Pertanian

Prof. Dr. Ir. Rina Sriwati, M.Si.

Bidang Ilmu : Bioscience & Plant Disease Biotechnology

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/rinasriwati/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Humam Hamid, MA

Bidang Ilmu : Agriculture Sociology

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/humamhamid/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Lukman Hakim, M.S.

Bidang Ilmu : Plant Protection

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/lkm_hakiem/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasanuddin, MS.

Bidang Ilmu : Weed Management

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/hasanuddin/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Amhar AB, M.S.

Bidang Ilmu : Food Biotechnology

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/amharab/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Darusman, M.Sc.

Bidang Ilmu : Agricultural Irrigation & Land Management

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/darusman/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sufardi, M.S.

Bidang Ilmu : Soil Chemistry & Plant Nutrition

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/sufardi/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Abubakar Karim, M.S.

Bidang Ilmu : Land Evaluation & Regional Planning

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/abubakarkarim/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sabaruddin, M.Agr.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Agronomy & Plant Production

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/sabaruddin/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Animal Nutrition

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/samadi/

Prof. Dr.nat.techn. Syafruddin, SP., M.P.

Bidang Ilmu : Agriculture Biotechnology

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/syafruddin/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Eka Meutia Sari, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Genetic & Animal Breeding Technology

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/ekameutiasari/

Doktor Matematika dan Aplikasi Sains

Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Rinaldi Idroes, S.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Development of retention data within various chromatography systems such as gases, liquids (planar and column system) and supercritical fluids as well.

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/rinaldi.idroes/

Prof. Dr. drh. Darmawi, M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Veterinary science, particularly host immunity and microbe parasite interrelationship.

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/darmawi/

Prof. Dr. Muchlisin Z.A. S.Pi, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu :Agricultural Science, Aquaculture, Animal Science, Ichthyology, Fisheries Management.

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/muchlisinza/

Prof. Dr. Adlim, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Inorganic chemistry, chemistry education, experienced in developing teaching module for chemistry with STEM, Inquiry & active learning approach.

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/prof.adlim/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Syamsul Rizal

Bidang Ilmu : Applied mathematics in ocean modeling both analytical and numerical model, Physical Oceanography, Hydrodynamics, Ocean Modeling

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/syamsul_rizal/

Prof. Dr. drh. Tongku nizwan Siregar, M.P

Bidang Ilmu : Reproductive Biology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Estrus Synchronization, Assisted Reproductive Technology

FSD : http://www.fsd.usk.ac.id/tongku/

Prof. Dr. drh. Yudha Fahrimal, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Veterinary & Animal Sciences

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/yudha.fahrimal/

Prof. Dr. M. Ali S, M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Zoologi Invertebrata

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/alisarong/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Darusman, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Drip line irrigation for crops and physical properties of soil, land remediation as well as climate changes affecting crop lands

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/darusman/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Animal Nutrition, Agricultural and Biological Sciences

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/samadi/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Yuwaldi Away, M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Computer Science, Microprocessor Based System

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/yuwaldi/

Prof. Dr. Syahrun Nur, S.Si.,M.Sc

Bidang Ilmu : Performing fundamental studies on Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy and its applications to several areas such as real-time monitoring of processed material, quality control of pharmaceutical materials

FSD :  http://fsd.usk.ac.id/syahrun/

Prof. Dr. Ir. Suhendrayatna, M.Eng

Bidang Ilmu : Chemical and Enviromental Engineering

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/suhendrayatna/

Prof. Dr. Nurdin, M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : The chemical field of natural materials, primarily in the alkaloids secondary metabolites and their relation to their bioactivity

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/noerdin/

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hajjul Kamil, S.Kp, M.Kep

Bidang Ilmu : Management of nursing, quality of health care / nursing, patients’ safety and transcultural nursing

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/hajjul.kamil/

Prof. Dr. drg. Zaki Mubarak, MS

Bidang Ilmu : Dentistry

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/zakimubarak/

Assoc. Prof. Dr. drh. Muhammad Hambal

Bidang Ilmu : Parasitology and Epidemiology Veteriner

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/hambal/

Prof. Dr. Khairul Munadi, ST, M.Eng

Bidang Ilmu : signal, image & multimedia information processing, application of ICT for disaster risk reduction (DRR), and knowledge management for DRR

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/kmunadi/

Prof. Dr. Eng. Nasrullah, S.Si.,M.T

Bidang Ilmu : Mechanistic and experimental studies on laser-induced plasma,also widely known as laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), and its applications to various fields including spectrochemical analysis and laser material processing

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/nasrullahidris/

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukri, S.Si.,M.T

Bidang Ilmu : Applied and environmental geophysics. He is a member of the Indonesian Geophysics Association (IGA) and Indonesian Physics Association (IPA).

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/m.syukri/

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muliadi Ramli, S.Si., M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Preparation and modification of Inorganic Materials applied for heterogeneous catalyst reaction and renewable energy, including research topic to the application of laser induced plasma spectroscopy (LIPS) for materials characterization and proccessing

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/muliadiramli/

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Subianto, S.Si, M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Applied statistics, statistical computing and data mining. I am is also interested in development of statistical learning with R

FSD : http://fsd.usk.ac.id/subianto

Doktor Pendidikan Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial

Prof. Dr. Murniati AR, M.Pd

Bidang Ilmu : Administrasi Pendidikan

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/murniati/

Prof. Dr. Rusli Yusuf, M.Pd.

Bidang Ilmu : Pendidikan Kependudukan dan Lingkungan Hidup(PKLH) / Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan Lingkungan

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/rusliyusuft/

Prof. Dr Yusrizal, M.Pd

Bidang Ilmu : Evaluasi Pendidikan

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/yusrizal_fkip/

Dr. Husaini, M.A.

Bidang Ilmu : Sejarah Amerika

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/husaini_ibrahim/

Dr. Ishak, M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Ilmu Ekonomi (Ekonomi Koperasi)

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/ishak/

Dr. Alamsyah, M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Ilmu Geografi

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/alamsyah/

Prof.Dr. Said Musnadi, S.E, M.Si

Bidang Ilmu : Manajemen Keuangan

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/musnadi/

Prof. Dr. Husni, S.H., M.Hum

Bidang Ilmu : Hukum Pemerintah Daerah

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/husni.jalil/

Prof. Dr. Usman Kasim, M.Ed

Bidang Ilmu : Speaking

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/usman/

Prof. Dr. Hizir

Bidang Ilmu : Statistika Terapan

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/hizir/

Dr. Marty Mawarpury, M.Psi.,Psikolog

Bidang Ilmu : Psikologi Klinis

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/marty/

Dr. Nasir Usman, M.Pd

Bidang Ilmu : Administrasi Pendidikan

FSD : https://fsd.usk.ac.id/nasir/